About us

Having worked together on a number of projects over the years Nick, Andrew and David pooled their combined experience to create a company focused on investing alongside trusted partners in commercial property where value can be added through a process of refurbishment and/or redevelopment. Their expertise in the identification of opportunities, refurbishment, project management, leasing and asset management has already delivered returns to to a number of partners far in excess of market benchmarks. Co-investing alongside our partners is core to the business and ensures interests are always aligned.

Through careful stock selection and appraisal, working with sister company ISS, we are able to deliver high quality projects quicker and at a lower price point than the competition. This provides our partners with a fast route to market and with our expertise in leasing and asset management, the best opportunity to take advantage of market conditions.

Completed projects are typically sold or retained by our partners depending on individual investment strategy and market conditions.

Requirements – We invest nationally in industrial premises that require a new lease of life to realise their full potential. Sound property fundamentals are essential but we are seeking projects that require significant refurbishment or redevelopment to realise their full potential. Typical lots sizes range from £1m- £10m. See our case studies for examples of our completed projects and returns achieved.

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